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10 Interesting Facts About Washington DC

1. In Washington, D.C., the "J" street is missing because the "I" and the "J" were often interchangeable in older English

2. Herbert Hoover and John Quincy Adams had alligators as pets in the White House

3. The Washington Football Team football team was originally based in Boston

4. All streets of the city lead to the Capitol which is the center point for all quadrants of the city

5. Washington, D.C. is named after both George Washington (Washington) and Christopher Columbus (D.C. - District of Columbia)

6. Washington D.C. gets more rain than Seattle

7. The Washington Monument has two different colors because the funding was exhausted halfway through construction. When construction resumed, the builders used stone from a different source

8. George Washington never lived in DC, as the as White House was not completed until a year after his death

9. A sculpted head of Darth Vader is on top of the Washington National Cathedral among the gargoyles

10. If you look closely, you can see a typo in the word "Future" at the Lincoln Memorial. It is an "E" instead of an "F".

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