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10 Interesting Facts about Budapest Hungary

1. Budapest was formed by merging three cities. On November 17, 1873, the three neighboring cities of Pest, Buda, and Óbuda were united.

2. Budapest is nicknamed the "City of Spas". The city has a large number of natural thermal springs that are used for its thermal baths. The largest and most famous is the Széchenyi Bath.

3. But it is not only humans who can enjoy the healing effects of the thermal water. The water in the hippo enclosure is also supplied by the thermal springs.

4. Budapest has the oldest subway in continental Europe. The Budapest Millennium Underground was opened in 1896. This makes it the first subway in continental Europe and the second oldest subway in Europe after the London Underground.

5. The Dohány Street Synagogue in Budapest is the largest synagogue in Europe. It can seat 3,000 people and was built in 1854 and completed in 1859.

6. Budapest has a historical labyrinth under the Castle Palace where Count Dracula (Vlad Tepes) was once imprisoned.

7. There is also a church inside a cave, the Gellért Hill Cave.

8. Another thing Budapest is known for are the ruin bars. These are bars in abandoned buildings, usually decorated with graffiti and plants, and frequented by people from all over the world.

9. One of the biggest festivals in Europe, Sziget, is also held here.

10. The inventor of the famous Rubik's Cube was born in Budapest. Erno Rubik was born on July 13, 1944.

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