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1. The towers of the Cologne Cathedral are of different heights. (The north tower is 157.18 meters and the south tower is 157.22 meters high).

2. And the construction of the cathedral took a whopping 623 years.

3. If the cathedral were built today, it would cost about 10 billion euros.

4. “Kölsch” is the local beer of the city. It tastes sweeter and fresher than regular beers and is served in comparatively small glasses.

5. More than 150 million glasses of Kölsch are drunk during Cologne's street carnival. (Carnival is a big tradition in this part of Germany).

6. Every year, 300 tons of sweets are given away during the Cologne Rosenmontag parade. (Around 700,000 bars of chocolate, 220,000 boxes of chocolates and 300,000 bouquets of flowers ("Strüßjer")).

7. Can you smell it? Cologne (the fragrance) comes from the German city of Cologne and also got its name from it. By the way, the city is called "Köln" in German.

8. There is a tunnel under the river Rhine. The Rheinenergie district heating tunnel was built in 1984 and is 461 meters long.

9. In the past, there was also an airport on the Rhine. Seaplanes regularly took off and landed at the high point of St. Kunibert.

10. Cologne also has a baroque castle. Arff Castle in Cologne Roggendorf/Thenhoven and is now an event location where you can get married, among other things.

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