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10 interesting Facts about Prague Czechia

1. Its historic center has been recognized as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1992.

2. But the city is much older. It is claimed that the city was founded around 1306 BC as Boihaem.

3. Prague is also home to one of the oldest universities in Europe. Charles University was founded in 1348.

4. With an area of about 7 hectares, Prague Castle is one of the largest castles in the world.

5. With "Karlovy Lazne", Prague also has the largest nightclub in Central Europe.

6. The Czech Republic is the country with the highest per capita beer consumption. Czechs drink an average of 181.7 litres of beer per year and person (as of 2020).

7. And this does not stop at consumption. You can even visit a beer spa in Prague. Yes, here you can bathe in your favorite golden hoppy drink.

8. Prague is said to have had a superstitious king. The official inauguration of Charles Bridge took place on July 9, 1357 at 5:31 a.m. (1-3-5-7-9-7-5-3-1). Because apparently, King Charles IV believed in astrology and numerology.

9. There is a replica of the Prague astronomical clock (or Prague Orloj) in Hongdae, South Korea.

10. And in Prague, there is a 1:6 replica of the Eiffel Tower. Technically, the Petrin Tower is not an exact replica, but it is heavily inspired by the Eiffel Tower and its resemblance is uncanny.

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