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10 interesting Facts about Valencia Spain

1. Valencia is an old historical city founded by the Romans in 138 BC.

2. It even has the oldest court in the world - the Tribunal de las Aguas (Water Tribunal). Which is still active!

3. With more than 700 thousand inhabitants, Valencia is the third most populous city in Spain

4. Valencia is considered the birthplace of one of Spain's most famous national dishes: paella. Here, however, chicken, rabbit, and snails are traditionally used, as opposed to the well-known seafood version.

5. L'Oceanogràfic in Valencia is the largest aquarium in Europe. The futuristic aquarium has a total water volume of 41.6 million liters (10.98 million gallons).

6. The city has an unusual Valentine's tradition. Here, Valentine's Day is celebrated on October 9, the day of St. Dionysius. And it is traditional for men to give women fruit-shaped marzipan candies wrapped in a silk handkerchief ("mocadorà") instead of flowers and chocolate.

7. Another traditional festival in Valencia is the Fallas festival. The Fallas is a Valencian spring festival with colorful parades that takes place every year on St. Joseph's Day in March.

8. There are three World Heritage Sites in Valencia. Two of them I have already mentioned. The Water Tribunal, Fallas, and the Lonja de la Seda.

9. Agua de Valencia is Valencia's own cocktail. It consists of cava or champagne, orange juice, vodka, and gin.

10. Turia Park, now the largest public park in Spain, was once a river. The Turia River was diverted on the city's outskirts because it has been subject to flooding throughout its history.

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