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15 Amazing Restaurants in Nice France

In addition to great beaches and sunshine, Nice also has excellent restaurants to offer. From classic and traditional to unusual and modern. Here on this list, you will find everything that can make your tummy happy. There is something for every price range and, as always, all restaurants are linked in the map at the end of the post.

Restaurants in Nice

1. Casa Leya - Vieux Nice

Starting with a bang. Trattoria Casa Leya is an authentic Italian family restaurant in the old town of Nice.

Here you will find a cozy, luminous ambiance with a terrace from which you have a beautiful view of the sea! The menu of delicious Italian dishes is renewed twice a year to offer the best of seasonal produce.

Wondering why the first restaurant on this list is Italian? Read more about Niece’s Italian past here.

Price: $$  |  Address: 36 Cr Saleya, 06300 Nice  |  Website:

2. La Merenda

This small traditional French restaurant was founded by Michelin-starred chef Dominique Le Stanc, who pursued his dream of creating an authentic but exceptional restaurant. It is located in Old Nice just a few steps away from the Promenade Anglais. A real treasure!

Price: $$  |  Address: 4 Rue Raoul Bosio, 06300 Nice  |  Website:

3. Comptoir du Marché

The Comptoir du Marché describes itself as the coziest restaurant in Nice with the cuisine of a retro grandmother. It is located in the heart of Nice’s old town and serves delicious French cuisine.

Price: $$  |  Address: 8 Rue du Marché, 06000 Nice  |  Website:

4. Bistrot d'Antoine

This rustic restaurant in a cozy side street of Nice offers creative meat and fish dishes. French cuisine at its finest.

Price: $$  |  Address: 27 Rue de la Préfecture, 06300 Nice  |  Website: Bistrot d’Antoine on facebook

5. Chez Palmyre

Chez Palmyre is a great authentic French restaurant with an affordable menu for €20. It is also conveniently located in the old town of Nice.

Price: $  |  Address: 5 Rue Droite, 06300 Nice

6. Le Bar des Oiseaux

The Bar Oiseaux, which means bird bar in English, is a stylish, high-class French restaurant in the heart of Nice’s old town.

Price: $$  |  Address: 5 Rue Saint-Vincent, 06300 Nice 

7. Le Plongeoir

An iconic restaurant with seating in the middle of the cliffs. The restaurant offers exquisite cuisine with a modern Mediterranean influence and spectacular views!

Price: $$$  |  Address: 1 Rue Pl. Vieille, 06300 Nice  |  Website:

8. The Rossettisserie

At the Rossettisserie, you can enjoy traditional family cuisine in a rustic, picturesque setting. Fresh ingredients and flavorful dishes are key here. And all that at affordable prices.

Price: $$  |  Address: 8 Rue Mascoinat, 06300 Nice 

9. Chez Pipo

Chez Pipo is known for its traditional dish socca. Socca is a kind of flatbread made from chickpea flour and olive oil and is a symbol of Nice’s cuisine. This delicacy is inspired by Italian cuisine and can be enjoyed plain or with various spreads and toppings.

Other amazing places for socca are The Golden Socca and Chez Thérésa. Both are also linked in the map down below.

Price: $  |  Address: 13 Rue Bavastro, 06300 Nice  |  Website:

10. La Pizza Cresci

Visit this iconic Italian restaurant if you want another taste of Nice’s Italian heritage. Opened in 1956, La Pizza Cresci, founded by Francis Cresci, is considered a pioneer in the development of the pizzeria concept in France.

Price: $$  |  Address: 34 Rue Massena, 06000 Nice  |  Website:

11. le galet

Le Galet is a fantastic restaurant with a magnificent view of the sea. It offers excellent Mediterranean food in a relaxed yet lively atmosphere.

Price: $$  |  Address: 3 Prom. des Anglais, 06200 Nice  |  Website:

12. Restaurant JAN

At Jan, exquisite creative dishes are served by the star chef of the same name, Jan Hendrik. Here you will find French cuisine with a South African twist. It’s worth booking a table at this modern restaurant well in advance.

Price: $$$  |  Address: 12 Rue Lascaris, 06300 Nice |  Website:

13. Restaurant Pure & V

Another first-class restaurant with an excellent star chef is the Pure & V restaurant. In addition to Nordic-inspired dishes, the wines are the heart of this establishment.

Price: $$$  |  Address: 7 Rue du Lycée, 06000 Nice |  Website:

14. La Popote D'Ondine

La Popote D’Ondine describes itself as a cozy place for brunch, lunch and tea time. From brunch classics to extravagant creations, you will find everything your heart desires here. The popularity of the restaurant is reflected in the fact that it now operates two restaurants with this concept.

Price: $$  |  Address: 18 Rue Gioffredo, 06000 Nice  |  Website:

15. La Vieille Crepe

Last but not least, a French classic: crêpes. At La Vieille Crepe you can enjoy sweet crepe classics as well as savory buckwheat crepes (galettes). If you haven’t already, trying a crêpe should definitely be on your France bucket list.

Price: $  |  Address: 1 Rue Pl. Vieille, 06300 Nice  

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