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9 Interesting And Fun Facts About Milan Italy

1. The highest number of skyscrapers buildings in Italy

Milan has the most high-rise buildings in Italy. It also had the first skyscraper in Italy, the Pirelli skyscraper.

2. The largest opera house in Europe - Teatro alla Scala

Not only the highest houses but also the largest opera house is in Milan. Not only the biggest in Italy but also in Europe. The Teatro alla Scala can hold up to 2030 spectators.

3.The Aperitivo

The best time to be in Milan is from 19:00 to 21:00. That’s when it’s time for the Aperitivo. Here, guests in cafés or bars are offered a selection of snacks to go with the drinks ordered. Perfect for a cozy evening among friends!

4. A second Venice?

Also in Milan, you can find channels, called Navigli. Originally these were built to transport goods. Today they serve mainly as tourist attractions.

5. The Last Supper on the house wall

What many may not be aware of, the famous painting of Leonardo da Vinci is not on a conventional canvas. Instead, it was painted directly onto the north wall of the dining room of the Santa Maria delle Grazie Monastery in Milan.

6. Once ruled by Spain, Austria and France

Milan has an eventful history. In the 16th century it became part of Spain, in the 18th century part of Austria and in the 19th century temporarily part of France. Only in 1861 Milan joined the Kingdom of Italy.

7. The statue mocking the French

Originally, the Arco della Pace square was built to honour Napoleon. But after the French were defeated, the horse sculptures were turned around. Now they point with their backs to France…

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