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30+ London Themed Home Decor Ideas

Set The Mood

Start by setting the scene for your new British home with a classic chandelier and a beautiful floral wallpaper. You can use the wallpaper to beautify your entire wall or just small elements and furniture.

Cake Stands

Don’t forget the cake stands for your afternoon tea.

Check out the Round Cake Stand (multiple colors available)

Decorative Tea Pots

And of course, a beautiful and unique teapot can not be missing. Whether you choose a classic version with delicate flowers or a contemporary version with beautiful colors. You can even spot the pink one in the Bridgerton Panel Netflix interview and can get the fitting tea cups here  (also a Sugar and Creamer Set).

Check out the Ceramic Tea Pot (multiple colors available)

Traditional Tea Cups

Of course, you will also need some tea cups to match your favorite teapot.

Cozy Blankets

To add a little warmth and coziness to your home, use one of these British-themed blankets.

Retro Alarm Clock

Get a Union Jack alarm clock so you always know when it’s time for tea! (Or a pint…)

Pillow Cases

How about some pillows to upgrade your couch? As you can see I added two of my own collection 🙂


Am I the only one who thinks of books when she thinks of the UK? As those world-class authors and old bookstores you can still visit. Get some bookends for your own home to set the mood.

Art Prints

Get some art prints on the theme of London. From vintage to modern and cute. You will definitely find something that will capture your heart.

Metal Wall Art

Opt for a metal mural to have a stunning focal point in your home.

City Wallpaper

Fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the city with a wallpaper with London map.

Models and Figurines

With these cute models and figures you can put a reminder of your favorite place everywhere. For a little extra motivation, the first two are also piggy banks!

Treasure Box

Preserve your memories of London in this beautiful Union Jack box.

Hello? It's me...

Decorate your room with the famous red phone booth. Get a cabinet for your favorite book, let your guests go back in time through it or organize your items with it.

Union Jack Picture Frame

And last but not least, you can frame your favorite photo in this beautiful picture frame.

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