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Dreaming of Nice

Nice is one of my favorite places that I have come across on my travels. At the beginning of my trip, I did not know exactly what to expect except a stone beach and a little bit of sun. Especially concerning the stone beach, I was skeptical at the beginning, but I had to realize that it is quite pleasant not to have sand sticking everywhere after sunbathing.

But even more than this small positive side effect, I was impressed by the ambiance of the city. It radiates a flair that I have never experienced before. Cozy, exciting, full of culture. Partially crumbling paint on the house facades, but that is also part of the charm.

 Especially in the evening, just before the sun goes down and the city is bathed in a mixture of yellow, red, blue, pink, and purple.

The time I could spend in Nizza was much too short and I plan to come back in any case. I hope that the photos can give you a little insight into the charming coastal city in the south of France.

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