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30+ Pictures To Inspire You To Visit Porto

I’ve heard before that Porto is beautiful but I still was surprised about how beautiful it actually is. Even though I tried my best with these pictures, they don’t do Porto justice at all.
It’s such a unique and charming city. To me, it has a little bit of an eastern European vibe to it but also something I can’t pinpoint at all. Very different from a lot of other European cities I’ve been to before. A little bit eastern European, a little bit medieval, and a little bit coastal. I definitely highly recommend visiting Porto. It was already beautiful when I visited in winter (February 2022) and I think it would be even more beautiful during warmer months of the year. Although I really enjoyed my winter trip I would suggest checking out the weather forecast if you want to do this as well, because it can get very rainy during that time of the year. So far Prague used to be my favorite city in Europe, but Porto comes very close. If it’s as vibrant in the summer as Prague is, it might even be a tie, depending on the reason for the trip. I hope you enjoy these virtual impressions of the beautiful city of Porto!

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