Here is a list of my personal travel essentials. These are things I almost never travel without.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

One of my absolute travel must-haves, noise-canceling headphones. I have mine for years now and I love them! They are very good at canceling out annoying noises around you plus the sound quality is amazing. I also love to use them for listening to music when I’m at home. Side note: They are great for canceling low tones background noise, but high-pitched sounds (such as baby cries) can come through to some degree.

Kindle - eBook reader

Another of my favorites is my Kindle. I used to say that I’ll never switch from my beloved paper books to an electronic version, but then I tried to take more than two books with me on a trip…
And now I can’t live without it. It is super convenient to bring along because of its size but also great for reading at night, especially for someone with rather poor eyesight like me. 

Laptop Backpack

On longer trips I always take my laptop with me. Therefore, a laptop backpack is essential.

Universal Travel Adapter

Don’t forget that many countries have their own plugs! A universal travel adapter saves you a lot of hassle. Especially when you are going on a trip through multiple countries.

An Insulated Water Bottle

An insulated water bottle saves your day when you are on a day trip on a hot summer day. I still remember the unsatisfying feeling of drinking warm water on a hot day because my old plastic water bottle heated up so much. Never again.

Silicone Ear Plugs

I prefer silicone ear plugs over ‘traditional’ ones. In my opinion, they are easier to handle and stay in place better. You can also wash and reuse them. Perfect for hostels!

Teva Outdoor Sandal

These are my favorite day trip sandals. They are super comfy and even water-resistant. Great for hot but also tropical climates. I also think they are really cute for outdoor sandals.

Microfiber Camping Towel

I think every traveler knows the struggle of carrying towels around. Microfiber towels are a great solution. They are super light, compact, and fast-drying. Available in different sizes and colors.

Turkish Towel 

If you want something more stylish but also light, relatively compact and fast-drying, Turkish towels are a great option! You can use them as a regular towel, a beach towel and a sarong.

Inflatable Neck Pillow

Another travel classic is neck pillows. I prefer the inflatable ones because you can store them better after using them.

Portable Charger

Of course, a portable charger should not be missing nowadays either. I use it mainly because I have such poor orientation skills that I have to use Google Maps all the time, which can drain the phone’s battery pretty quickly.

First Aid Kit

Always useful to have on your trip – a first aid kit. It is better to be prepared for small emergencies.

Travel Laundry Detergent

If you have to use laundromats on your trip, save you the stress of finding portable laundry detergent and bring some laundry detergent packets with you.

Travel Toothbrush

Get a foldable travel toothbrush to protect it from the insides of your makeup bag.

Nail Clippers 

That might be a weird one to include but I forgot my nail clippers once and had to learn the hard way how essential they are for a longer trip.

Compression Packing Cubes

You can easily organize your clothes with packing cubes. With compressing packing cubes you can also compress your clothes to save space in your carry-on or travel backpack.

Wet Bag

In a wet bag you can store your swimsuit after swimming to bring it back to your accommodation without ruining everything in your backpack.

Cosmetic Barrel

I find this cosmetic barrel especially useful for storing larger items like shampoo bottles or lotions.

Makeup Bags

Everything else gets carefully thrown into a makeup bag.

Reusable Tote Bag

I also almost never leave the house without my reusable tote bag. Maybe it’s just the European in me, but I mostly use them for small shopping trips. And yes, I realize that I travel with a lot of bags and pouches. But they are just so useful!

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