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25 Travel Inspired Home Decor Ideas

If you can’t travel, bring travel into your home. These decor inspirations will bring a touch of joy to your home. They’ll inspire you to take new trips or reminisce about what you’ve experienced.
Here you will find general travel-inspired home decor and destination-inspired home decor. These include home accessories inspired by the Tropics, the Orient, Scandinavia, and the Mediterranean countries.

1. Portable Suitcase Record Player

2. A Travel Inspired Coffee Table Book

3. Compass Wall Clock 

4. World Canvas Wall Art

5. Wood World Map

6. Metal World Map

7. Clip String Lights For Your Travel Photography

8. Custom Maps

9. Personalized Star Map

10. Airport Style Letter Board

11. Cork Desktop Cork Globe 

12. Vintage Camper Pencil Holder

13. Travel Posters Postcard Set 


14. Jungle Green Peel and Stick Wallpaper

15. Hammock Chair

16. Bamboo Frame Hanging Mirror


17. Moroccan Style Pillow Cases

18. Colorful Area Rug

19. Colorful Coasters


20. Nordic Style Nature Wall Mural 

21. Electronic Word Clock

22. Minimalistic Pillow Cases 


23. Mediterranian Peel and Stick Wall Paper

24. Bay Cottage Candle 

25. Linen Throw Cushions 

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